FormUp 350 PBF machine

FormUp 350

Multipurpose laser PBF technology

An open and scalable machine architecture to meet your requirements in terms of productivity and parts quality.


The FormUp 350 machine gives you access to all manufacturing parameters, so you can define recipes that are perfectly suited to each application (more than 150 production parameters accessible on the machine).

With its wide choice of spreading systems, FormUp 350 adapts to all metal powders: fine, medium or coarse granulometries.

Work with reactive or non-reactive powders, with argon or nitrogen inerting system.

Choose a machine with 1 or 2 lasers, depending on your productivity requirements.

The drawer powder-feeding system ensures that you only deposit powder where it is needed, saving raw material.

AddUp Manager preparation software is compatible with popular 3D print file formats (STL and 3MF) but also with CAD files, to help you streamline your production preparation process.


By choosing to work with fine powders, on a FormUp 350 machine equipped with a roller spreading system, you can get parts with unmatched geometric and metallurgical qualities.

material density
supportless production
achievable surface roughness
Dimensional accuracy


The FormUp 350 machine is designed to minimize the time between the end of one production and the start of the next one:

  • Quick locking and automatic referencing of the manufacturing platform

  • Long-life smoke filtration system (replacement interval greater than 12 months)

  • No disruption of powder supply, either with the container system or the autonomous powder supply module

  • Laser lens protection system (no lens cleaning between each production)

  • Two access doors for faster and easier powder extraction

  • Maintenance-free roller spreading device

  • Fast uploading of manufacturing files


The FormUp 350 machine is designed to fit into your production workshop, and adapts to all your requirements in terms of:

  • Production monitoring. Real-time monitoring through AddUp Dashboards.

  • Traceability. Automatic marking of parts and platforms with AddUp Manager software, storage of all production data with AddUp Dashboards software.

  • Interoperability. Generation of production file from the 3DEXPERIENCE® software suite, use of production data with any OPC-UA/MQTT-compatible software on the market.

  • Safety. Easy integration into an existing workshop with the AddUp Flexcare protection system.


Effective production volume350 x 350 x 350 mm
Laser type500 W Yb fiber laser – 1 to 2 lasers
Optical chain3 axis scanning system
Inert gases
Argon & Nitrogen with programmable control of oxygen level depending on constraints of the process and materials used
Powder spreading deviceRoller, blade or brush
Powder layering architecture
Laser position accuracy
± 35 µm
Part reproducibility± 0,03 mm (for minimal thickness)
Layer thickness 20 to 100 µm
Laser scanning speed
Up to 10 m/s
Heated platformUp to 200°C
Change of powder 
Full interchangeability of powder circuits (modules, dosers, distributors) enabling quick change of materials
Powder supply
High capacity container system, sufficient for complete production. Option to refill container without halting production
AddUp Control System
Controls machine configuration upstream, completed through interactive surveillance of all the parameters useful during production

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Among the other advantages of the FormUp 350 machine:

  • Track the progress of your production in real-time with AddUp NCore, on the machine or remotely.

  • Recycle your powder continuously during production with the optional autonomous powder module.

  • Produce “Right the first time” parts with Distortion Simulation AddOn, a software that can anticipate the deformations of the part during manufacturing, and adapt the geometry of your parts accordingly.


By design, FormUp™ machines are compatible with all types of materials. Recipes and adjustments are already available for the following materials:

If your material is not yet listed, please contact us so that we can estimate the timeframe for the machine adjustments and tests.