Metal 3D Printing - Directed Energy Deposition

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Why choose DED technology?

Directed Energy Deposition (DED) technology is a process of bringing metal powder into a melt pool created by a laser. Parts are created by an overlay of weld beads.

DED technology is suitable for the manufacture of large parts. It also allows other types of applications:

  • Repair of worn or deteriorated parts
  • Addition of features (modifying the geometry of an existing part)
  • Metal coating on existing parts (modification of part properties)
  • Creation of new materials from multiple metals

Why choose AddUp’s DED machines?

AddUp offers two ranges of DED machines.

The Modulo range refers to compact and integrated machines. The Modulo 400 is designed for industrial production and equipped with numerous production monitoring systems.

The Magic range refers to large-format machines. Suitable for the manufacture or repair of large parts, the Magic 800 is equipped as standard with two deposition nozzles: a nozzle equipped with a 10 kW laser, for areas of parts that require precision, and a nozzle equipped with a 24 kW laser for areas of parts that can be produced with high productivity.


The Modulo 400 is a revolution in DED machines. It completely integrates all necessary peripherals into the machine cabinet. This makes it easy to fit into a shipping container or a traditional truck and can be transported and used in remote locations.

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The Magic 800 has been developed for advanced industries that require specific work areas to manufacture or repair large metal parts in 5 continuous axes. It is equipped with an enclosure inerting device, which allows working with reactive powders. 

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Learn more about DED machines

Would you like to know more about DED technology? AddUp experts offer two training courses specifically dedicated to DED on AddUp Academy Online. You will discover in detail the principle of operation of a DED machine, and the applications accessible through this technology.

AddUp Academy Online is the reference platform for online training in the field of metal additive manufacturing, with over 13 hours of content (more than 100 videos and 200 exercises), training courses created by experts from the AddUp group and independent technical centers.

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