Find the best compromise between productivity and parts quality with AddUp’s PBF technology

What is PBF technology?

Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) technology is a metal additive manufacturing process that allows the production of high-precision parts with very high mechanical properties.

In a laser PBF machine, parts are made in successive horizontal layers. For each layer, metal powder is spread on a production platform, and a laser melts the areas that need to be solidified.

FormUp 350 machines are safe, efficient and scalable. They integrate more than ten years of experience of AddUp and Michelin in PBF technology.

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Why choose AddUp machines?

FormUp 350 machines are available in a variety of configurations: single or double laser, roller or scraper spreading device, standard or heating platform, reactive or non-reactive powders…

Would you like to evaluate the value of PBF technology for your project? Compare the performance of the FormUp machine against its competitors? Feel free to contact us. We have a multi-supplier workshop equipped with 23 machines. It will allow you to evaluate the capabilities of our machines and compare them with those of our competitors.

FormUp 350

FormUp 350

The FormUp 350 is a versatile machine with an open architecture, designed to help industrial companies produce the right parts at the right cost.

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Produce parts without support structures

The FormUp 350 machines are compatible with the finest powders on the market (5-25 µm diameter). Combined with our roller spreading technology, these fine powders make it possible to produce surfaces forming angles less than 10 degrees from the horizontal.

Thus, you can design manufactured parts without any support and significantly reduce machining times. You can also design parts with internal channels that do not require any finishing operations.

Finally, thanks to our mastery of the use of fine powders, we can guarantee very high-density parts for very high mechanical properties.

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The best compromise between quality and productivity

FormUp machines offer a production volume of 350x350x350 mm, with 3-axis optical heads ensuring a homogeneous laser beam on the entire surface of the platform.

The architecture of the FormUp machines allows rapid powder spreading (about 5 seconds), and in both directions, to reduce non-productive times. The spreading device can be chosen according to your project: roller system to prioritize the quality of the parts, or scraper system to aim for maximum productivity.

Above all, FormUp 350 machines differ from other machines on the market by being totally open in terms of parameters. You can develop specific manufacturing recipes for your project, achieving the best compromise between quality and productivity.

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The safety of your operators at the heart of our concerns

Our production systems are designed to ensure the safety of your operators. Numerous means of protection are embedded in the machine: hermetic enclosure, nitrogen or argon inerting system, protection against electrostatic discharge, etc.

At the same time, AddUp’s recommendations for the safe use of machines are among the most restrictive on the market. Use of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), cleaning procedures, ventilation and air filtration in the workshops, monitoring the exposure of operators… Every aspect of the process is taken into account in our safety procedures.

By following our recommendations, you guarantee a maximum level of protection for your operators and for all technicians working on the machines.

A complete and powerful software suite

Take advantage of all the possibilities of the FormUp 350 machine with AddUp Manager preparation software:

  • Simple to use, it gives you access to all machine parameters and allows you to easily create experiment plans to adjust your manufacturing recipes.
  • Powerful, it has an ultra-fast trajectory generation engine, to generate your manufacturing files faster.
  • Open, it accepts many types of files for your parts models: STL, 3MF, STEP, Catia, NX, Pro/E, Inventor, Solidworks, and many others…