Metal 3D Printing - Machines

Laser Powdered Bed Fusion (PBF) and Directed Energy Deposition (DED) machines

AddUp’s Additive Manufacturing Machines are able to answer almost all of your metal additive manufacturing needs.We offer Laser Powdered Bed Fusion (PBF) machines and Directed Energy Deposition (DED) machines. These two technologies are known for their high level of industrial maturity and their complementarity.

But most of all, we develop our technological mastery by using them in our own production workshops. This has been an integral factor contributing to our innovation with the industrial metal 3d printer.  These unique experiences in the market allows us to continually improve our additive manufacturing machines.

Why trust us?

In order to help you identify the additive manufacturing solution that best fits your needs, we help you at every step of your project definition:

At your service from the very first contact, we help you define your needs
In all objectivity, we will help you identify the best technology for you, as well as the best material for your parts
We assist you in building your project and offer different financial solutions adapted to your budget
In all transparency, we help you build the best economical model with several levels of partnerships available around machines or parts production

Comprehensive support solutions to integrate 3D printing in your company

At every step of the integration of 3D printing in your company, our experts offer customized support solutions:

Consulting services
Training programs adapted to each collaborator’s role, from additive manufacturing discovery to process mastery
Proof of Concept crafting and industrialization support
Development of specific manufacturing recipes according to your needs
Support of your qualification process
Delivery, installation of your metal 3D printing machine, and training of your employees

Towards automated workshops

Do you want to reach a high level of productivity and safety when producing large series? We help you design complete, custom-made workshops.

With the experience of the Michelin group, exploiting an automated workshop since 2014 to produce pneumatic mold parts, we offer several technologies that can be used to improve productivity: inerted trolley system to save time before and after each production, centralized powder distribution system, and many more possibilities depending on your needs…

Also, HSE risk management is part of AddUp’s DNA since its birth. That is why we are able to design for you workshops at the highest levels of safety for operators.