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Designed for the needs of industrialists

The Modulo 400 machine is a concentrate of technology adapted to the needs of industrial DED production.

Productivity and quality in a single machine

The Modulo 400 machine is a DED machine equipped with two nozzles of different sizes and power. Opt for the 24Vx nozzle to make the massive sections of your parts, and change during production to the 10Vx nozzle to make parts that require precision.

The 10Vx deposition nozzle can deposit weld beads 0.8 to 1.2 mm wide, with an accuracy of 0.1 mm.

The 24Vx deposition nozzle can deposit weld beads 2 to 2.4 mm wide, with an accuracy of 0.2 mm.

Nozzle change takes a few seconds, without interrupting production.

Working with reactive powders

The Modulo 400 machine is equipped with an enclosure inerting device, which allows working with reactive powders. This feature makes it one of the few machines on the market capable of producing titanium or aluminum parts.

The best of AddUp’s DED technology

Many devices available as standard or optional on the Modulo 400 make this machine a concentrate of technology:

  • Vibration powder dispenser for stability and reliability in the powder supply of the deposition nozzle
  • Process control systems allowing continuous observation of the melt pool and early detection of possible drifts during production. The integration of a pyrometer allows for closed-loop control of the melting temperature.
  • A nozzle-part distance control device, which maintains an optimal and constant distance between the nozzle and the part, thus ensuring the geometric quality of the part.
  • An automatic deposition nozzle change system. This system incorporates a probe, which allows significant productivity gains, and makes adaptive repair applications possible.

A balance between compactness and volume of work

The Modulo 400 has a working volume of 650 x 400 x 400 mm, allowing it to handle a wide variety of applications.

Despite this large volume, the machine has a small footprint in order to remain transportable. It can be easily inserted into a marine container, making it the ideal tool for manufacturers who need to produce or repair parts as close as possible to their place of use.



Overall Machine Height2,820 mm
Recommended Height Under Ceiling3,500 mm
Max Floor Load2,000 kg/m²
Total Weight of the Machine6,600 kg
Powder Feeder Count2
Powder Feeder TechnologyVibration
Powder Feeder Capacity2.5 L (approximatively 13 kg of standard steel)
Powder Flowrate Range1-50 g/min
Closed-Loop Control SystemOptical sensor of the amplitude displacement
Axis CountSimultaneous 5 axis
Linear Axis StrokeX = 800 mm, Y = 410 mm, Z = 450 mm
Rotary Axis StrokeB = ±110°C, C = ±360°
Platform Diameter400 mm
Build Volume1200 x 800 x 800 mm
Maximum Platform Load100 kg
SensorsTemperature sensor
MonitoringOptional Process Monitoring Package
ControllerSiemens 840DSL
Laser FiltrationDoor
Air Extraction Filtration3 levels: Prefilter, HEPA, Chemical filter
Gas RequiredArgon
Gas ConsumptionUp to 20 L/min


A24Vx Nozzle with 2 kW laser
BControlled atmosphere
CAutomatic tool changer
DTouch probe (requires option C)
EElectrical supply 400V / 60Hz
FAdditional hoppers

And many more advantages…

Discover in detail the characteristics of the Modulo 400 and its advantages by dowloading the complete datasheet of the machine.