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Metal 3D


Metal Additive Manufacturing Solutions

AddUp offers PBF and DED machines, metal 3D printed parts production services, and support solutions covering all stages of your projects.

Powder Bed Fusion and Directed Energy Deposition Machines

We specialize in metal additive manufacturing and develop PBF and DED machines to cover a wide variety of applications.

Our laser Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) and Directed Energy Deposition (DED) technologies are complementary. They can meet most of your needs in terms of part size, manufacturing complexity, and characteristics.

All our machines are modular and scalable. You can take advantage of the latest technologies without the constraints of machine replacement.

AddUp Machines

Our production capabilities

Produce in our workshops on our machines until you reach enough volume to invest.

We combine the experience of a parts producer and a machine manufacturer. This allows us to speak the same language and ensure that our machines are at the highest level of robustness and productivity.

We have production capabilities with several available technologies and different materials to help you start your projects.

Example of proof of concept: aircraft floor bracket

The Proof of Concept (POC) is a key step in validating the potential of additive manufacturing and its technical and economic feasibility.
We work with you to specify and industrialize your DED and PBF proofs of concept, which will be manufactured in our production centers.

  • Mass reduction on the final part: 1.83 kg (-61 %)
  • Raw material savings: 10.83 kg
  • Production without support using the FormUp 350 machine:
    saves more than 3 hours of manufacturing time

AddUp Dashboards: multi-scale monitoring software

AddUp Dashboards is a multiscale monitoring software that is available with all AddUp FormUp Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) and Directed Energy Deposition (DED) machines. The software provides a clear picture of both real time and historic process data for your machine and presents it in an easy-to-read dashboard view.

Multi-level partnerships

Our goal is to establish multi-level partnerships with our customers in all areas of metal 3D printing.

We foster partnerships that allow us to progress with you. Depending on your needs, our experts will assist you in all aspects of your project: consulting and training, design and industrialization of parts, help with process control, development of new materials, post-processing, etc.


“AddUp group has enabled our complex designs to become a reality using metal additive manufacturing, a state-of-the-art process. This will change the way we create and customize a motorcycle. Our creativity is now limitless, which was impossible with traditional metal manufacturing processes.”

Simon DabadieOwner & Head Designer, - Dab Motors