Metal 3D Printing - Motorsport

Recognized experience in competition

AddUp has more than ten years of experience in the field of providing high level motorsport engineering solutions (Formula 1, WRX, WRC) thanks to the acquisition of Poly-Shape in 2018. Our engineers can assist you in the design of ever more efficient parts. Our production facilities already supply the big names in motorsport and luxury automotive industry.

More than ten years at the service of competition

Through its subsidiary Poly-Shape, AddUp has been involved in the technological development of professional motorsport for more than 10 years.

In our workshops in Salon-de-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhône, France), we print 3D metal parts with complex geometries and high-performance mechanical characteristics, capable of withstanding high pressures and high temperatures.

Our customers include some of the biggest motorsport teams, and we are present in internationally famous championships (Formula 1, WRC, Rallycross, Indycar Series, Endurance, etc.).


Light and efficient parts on the trails of Dakar 2021

The Dakar is one of the toughest rally raid races in the world. On the starting line of the 2021 edition, the RD Limited team aligns a buggy with several parts manufactured by 3D printing.

Among these parts, the buggy’s gear lever has been lightened thanks to the topology optimization technique. Its mass is reduced by 60% compared to a traditional gear lever. It also has a tailor-made knob, adapted to the shape of the hand of the pilot, Romain Dumas. The pedals have also been completely revised: the three titanium pedals are about 40% than conventional pedals.

With this project, Romain Dumas renews his confidence in the teams of Poly-Shape to design and manufacture parts that are even lighter and more efficient

A lightweight hub-carrier to tackle Pikes Peak

In 2017, Romain Dumas won the famous Pikes Peak race with his Norma MXX RD Limited car equipped with hub-carriers made in additive manufacturing. Poly-Shape engineers managed to achieve a 30% mass gain compared to the original part while performing a feature addition since the new hub-carrier now incorporates a braking scoop.

Alter: performance and aesthetics

Dab Motors, a manufacturer of high-end motorcycles, used the Poly-Shape services to reduce the mass and improve the aesthetic appearance of several parts of his Alter motorcycle. One of the most remarkable parts of this new bike is the fork crown. Our engineers used topological optimization technique to redesign the part, while keeping the right amount of material needed. The new fork crown, made of aluminum alloy on a PBF machine, only weighs 451 grams compared to 978 for the original part, representing a mass reduction of 53.9%.

A revolutionary exhaust ball joint

The PSPM exhaust ball joint offers an interesting alternative to exhaust line bellows, which are heavily stressed during races and often cause engine breakage. Developed by the engine manufacturer Pipo Moteurs in partnership with Poly-Shape, this PSPM ball joint is able to adapt to different engine configurations, while offering better resistance to high temperatures.