Improve your products throughout their lifecycle

Put metal 3D printing at the heart of your development strategy. This technology allows you to meet your challenges of obsolescence, durability, but also performance using parts with optimized shapes and the possibility of developing new materials.

Weld overlay and repair with DED technology

With DED technology, project metal onto your parts to increase their lifetime, improve their performance, or give them new properties. Discover all the possibilities offered by this technology to optimize or repair turbine parts, pump elements, or heat exchangers.

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Methanation 3d printed metal part

Performance gains with PBF technology

More compact heat exchangers, more efficient mixers, optimized cooling turbine blades, stronger valves, lighter engine parts… Laser powder bed fusion (PBF) provides improved performance and reliability on a wide variety of equipment.

AddUp and CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) have created a joint platform called Famergie (stands for Metal Additive Manufacturing for Energy). This platform offers an ecosystem for the incubation of projects. The goal is to remove the technological locks to achieve unparalleled performance in the production of metal 3D printing parts for the energy industry.

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