Metal 3D Printing - Defense

Deploy 3D printing in the toughest environments

Are you looking for solutions that can support you in all your operations? Leading innovation in defense technology; AddUp offers integrated, autonomous and transportable production systems to make the metal parts you need as quickly as possible, even in the most hostile environments.

A modular and autonomous factory

AddUp and its partner CESI (a prestigious French graduate school of engineering) have developed an integrated and transportable production plant called The Anywhere Additive Factory. This additive manufacturing unit combines in a single secure area all the operations necessary for on-demand parts production: powder storage, manufacturing of parts, cleaning, machining, and heat treatment. Modular and autonomous, this mini-factory is an ideal production tool for operations in isolated or hostile environments.

Produce as close as possible to your operations

AddUp responds to a recurring need of the defense industry: producing spare parts and tools directly on the battlefield.

Devices that break down during operations, equipment damaged during combat, repairs that cannot be performed due to missing tools… On the battlefield, the risk of equipment being unavailable is high.

AddUp is the first metal 3D printing machine manufacturer to offer transportable additive manufacturing units. With The Anywhere Additive Factory, produce parts on-demand as close as possible to your operations. These energy-autonomous units can operate in the most remote areas and hostile environments. They carry one or more additive manufacturing machines as well as post-processing machines in order to supply finished parts that can be used immediately.