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Get ahead with next-generation tools

Complexity of molds, surface quality of parts, productivity, customization requests… Metal 3D printing can offer answers to the various problems you face.

Quality and productivity with PBF

Increase the performance of your injection processes with optimized molds.

Do you have productivity or quality problems with your plastic parts injection process? Metal 3D printing can bring you solutions. By designing molds with cooling channels close to the mold cavity, you can optimize the cooling of parts. This reduces the number of defective parts and reduces cycle times.

PBF technology is particularly suitable for the creation of internal channels in molds, as the channel roughness promotes heat exchange while limiting pressure losses.

Our experts can help you

Create molds with increasingly complex kinematics, with internal circuits that cannot be achieved with conventional processes.

Our experts can assist you at all stages of the development of your molds, from design to industrialization.

Finally, we have recipes for shaping most of the materials commonly used to manufacture molds.

Learn more about conformal cooling

Would you like to know more about conformal cooling, the technique consisting in placing fluid circuits as close as possible to the parts to be cooled? Experts offer you a training course dedicated to conformal cooling on AddUp Academy Online. You will discover in depth the principle of this technique, its implementation, and the possible gains in terms of quality and productivity.

AddUp Academy Online is the reference platform for online training in the field of metal additive manufacturing, with more than 13 hours of content (more than 100 videos and 200 exercises), training courses offered by AddUp experts and independent technical centers.