Complete control over traceability and safety for medical devices

Are you already using metal additive manufacturing to produce implants or prostheses? With our range of fully configurable PBF machines, find the right balance between parts quality and productivity. And stand out from your competitors by offering more safety and traceability for your customers.

A monitored process, during and after manufacturing

AddUp ManagerTM manufacturing preparation software will meet all your expectations in terms of traceability, with the ability to generate automatic markings on your parts and your platforms.

AddUp Dashboards production monitoring software can provide you with a detailed view of all the events that occurred during your manufacturing process, for optimization or data collection purposes.

Knee Prosthesis made in titanium powder metal additive manufacturing

Biocompatible implants using ELI titanium

Among the many materials available on FormUp 350 machines, AddUp offers recipes to create parts using ELI titanium (Extra Low Intersticial titanium).

This grade of titanium is commonly used by manufacturers of surgical implants and prostheses. In addition to its biocompatibility, ELI titanium is non-magnetic and has very high mechanical characteristics.

Custom-made prostheses

AddUp works with the medical world to manufacture a wide variety of implants: intervertebral cages, cranial implants, knee prostheses, hip prostheses, shoulder prostheses, etc.

The advantages of metal 3D printing for the manufacture of surgical implants:

  • Accurate adaptation to the patient’s morphology
  • Fast and tool-free manufacturing
  • Addition of porous structures to improve osseointegration
  • Reduction of the mass of implants
  • Simultaneous production of implants and surgical guides required for installation