Cébazat, France – March 11, 2024: TP Tools OY, a family-owned business with more than three decades of expertise in tire mold manufacturing, proudly announces the acquisition of AddUp’s FormUp 350 Powder Bed Fusion machine. This strategic move positions TP Tools at the forefront of innovation and efficiency in the production of tire sipes, a critical component in tire mold manufacturing.

TP Tools’ decision to bring tire sipe production in-house marks a significant shift aimed at reducing costs associated with outsourcing. By streamlining the manufacturing process, the company not only saves on expenses but also shortens lead times, enhancing overall operational efficiency. With the acquisition of the FormUp 350, the company gains greater control over the production process, aligning with their commitment to delivering high-quality tire molds for their clients.

TP Tools OY Manufacturing Facility

The FormUp 350 Powder Bed Fusion machine from AddUp introduces new possibilities for TP Tools in tire sipe design. With on-site metal 3D printing capabilities, TP Tools is poised to accelerate developments and innovations within the tire sipe landscape. This move not only maximizes production efficiency but also opens doors to highly customized and complex geometries, enabling the creation of innovative tire mold designs. 

The FormUp 350 also offers unique key features to support tire sipe applications for mold production. The 350mm squared build plate enables the production of entire segments of tire molds, showcasing its capacity for efficient and comprehensive manufacturing. Additionally, the integration of a roller and fine powder contributes to achieving unparalleled surface roughness as-printed, thereby minimizing the need for post-processing.  Lastly, the reliability of the FormUp and AddUp’s technology is successful in industrial operations, demonstrating consistent repeatability across the built plate, from one production cycle to the next, and even across different machines operating with the same parameters.

“We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of the FormUp 350 Powder Bed Fusion machine from AddUp. This strategic investment allows us to optimize our manufacturing process, shorten lead times, and most importantly, accelerate new developments in tire mold innovations” explains Marko Pirhonen, owner of TP Tools OY.

Left to right: Frederic Le Moullec (AddUp), Marko Pirhonen (TP Tools), Paul-Henri Barral (AddUp), Otto Pirhonen (TP Tools), Lauri Kollo (TP Tools)

TP Tools has established itself as a trusted partner in tire mold manufacturing, , with business continuing to grow. The company’s expertise in tire mold manufacturing, coupled with the latest technological addition of the FormUp 350, reaffirms TP Tools’ commitment to delivering quality, safety, and performance in every tire mold produced.

About TP Tools OY:

TP Tools has been at the center of the tire mold industry for over three decades. Located in Nokia, Finland, TP Tools has been heavily involved in developing better and safer products in the birthplace of winter tires since the 1970s. As a family business, TP Tool’s most important values are their employees, customer satisfaction and continuous development.

With the acquisition of the FormUp 350, TP Tools is providing new possibilities for customers with the latest 3D printing technology. This technology enables even more complex designs to be implemented with extreme precision and maximum productivity to meet the needs of tire mold production.