In the realm of injection molding the quality and performance of mold inserts are of paramount importance to ensure durability and longevity of molds and for high end parts production. The creation of tailored materials with optimal mechanical properties, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance for adoption on metal AM system open doors for innovation of complex parts by exploiting the design freedom of AM, which is not possible by conventional manufacturing approaches.

Join us for our upcoming webinar “Transforming Plastic Injection Mold Production with AM ~ Harnessing New Material for Superior Quality Parts and Faster Builds” where we explain how a new material, Printdur HCT, has been developed based on conventional std. tool steel 1.2083/AISI420 by Swiss Steel Group in partnership with AddUp. AddUp’s Process and Production Engineer, Vishal Katoch, will be joined by Dr. Andreas Mohr, Quality and Development Specialist from Swiss Steel Group, to discuss the adoption of Printdur HCT on AddUp’s FormUp 350 PBF machine to produce high end quality mold inserts.