We have one of the largest production capacities in Europe at your service

We have several workshops for the production and finishing of your parts. We operate our own machines in order to provide you with the latest technologies in terms of productivity and quality.


We use our machines in our production facilities. This way, you benefit from the latest technologies for your manufacturing.

Your parts are made to meet your expectations in terms of quality and repeatability.

Above all, by combining the experience of machine manufacturing and machine operation, we can guarantee you perfect process control and productivity at the highest level.

Our machine parks

With several dozen machines available for the production of your parts, we have one of the largest production capacities in Europe.

Our workshop in Salon-de-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhône, France) is equipped with a fleet of multi-manufacturer machines. So you can evaluate the relevance of each technology based on your application.

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Our production sites

AddUp has several workshops for additive manufacturing and parts finishing.

We are based in Europe but also have a production capacity in the US and Asia.

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