Metal 3D Printing - Post-process

The importance of the post-processing phase in metal additive manufacturing part production.

The post-process in additive manufacturing is the last step in the manufacturing process, in many cases, post-production is critical to achieving the intended performance of a functional part. It is a broad term that encompasses a variety of processes that 3D printed parts must go through before being used by the end user. Regardless of the post-processing step that the AM produced part must go through, the goal remains the same: to remove undesirable properties that have been incorporated into the final product during the additive manufacturing process.

This post-production step can provide many improvements to the part such as improved aesthetics, geometric accuracy, functionality, mechanical properties, and desired surface characteristics.

At the end of the manufacturing process, AddUp ensures the necessary finishing operations to obtain completed functional parts that meet your requirements and the quality standards in place.


• PRECISION: the technical skill of our machines allows us to manufacture parts requiring a very high degree of dimensional accuracy.
• QUALITY: We meet all your precision and safety requirements due to the implementation of control means and efficient quality monitoring. Our three-dimensional machines ensure the total conformity of the parts produced. We guarantee a high level of quality with our Zero Defects policy; our manufacturing process is EN 9100 certified.
• FLEXIBILITY: Thanks to our operational mastery, we guarantee a high level of flexibility while respecting your deadline constraints.


For the industrialization, manufacturing, and assembly of high-tech parts, we have implemented a Zero Defect policy by relying on:

• Engineers from top schools
• Highly qualified operators
• More than fifty years of experience
• Specialized workshops for each type of machining
• Machines at the cutting edge of technology

Turning, machining and electro-erosion

Our latest generation 5-axis machining centers are versatile, high-performance, and capable of machining any material used in precision mechanics. From milling to electro-erosion, we master all manufacturing processes. With about thirty machines, our workshops are equipped for heat treatments, collecting dimensional tolerance with digital machining, and treatment of surface aspects.

Your additive metal parts are machined by highly skilled employees, with constant quality control.

Proven production lines coupled with our international industrial experience are a real added value to your projects.

Several sites offer this service - Coudray and PS

We are now able to accompany you in all phases of your projects, from the design of your plans to the assembly of your parts.

The manufacturing of your parts is carried out in modern and functional premises located in the industrial zone of Coudray-Montceaux (35 km from Paris) and in Salon de Provence.

Since its creation in 1962, the Coudray-Manceau site has specialized in precision mechanics. Today, it is a key player in the industrialization, manufacture and assembly of high value-added parts for modern industry, from motor sports to aeronautics and the energy sector.

Adress: 22 rue des Champs ZI
91830 Le Coudray-Montceaux – France. +33(0)1 64 93 83 98