Our Partners

Azo Module – the autonomous metal powder management module

AddUp and the German powder conveying systems specialist AZO have signed a partnership agreement to offer innovative solutions for handling and recycling powders used in metal additive manufacturing.

The two specialists have developed and marketed a fully automated powder management module, meeting the specific needs of metal 3D printing. The objectives are to simplify the powder loading operations of the machines, to avoid any risk of supply disruption, but also to guarantee maximum protection for the operators, even when working with fine and reactive powders.

AddUp and PostProcess Technologies partner to improve the surface quality of metal 3D printed parts

The French machine builder entered in a partnership agreement with the American company PostProcess Technologies, specialized in industrial post treatment solutions for 3D printed parts.

PostProcess Technologies and AddUp share the vision that additive manufacturing will not scale sustainably unless the entire process flow is digitized and automated, from design to finished parts. This requires industrial collaboration among all players of the supply chain.

AddUp partners with German filtration specialist Herding

AddUp stays on its position to put the safety of the operators as a key topic for the design of a metal additive manufacturing production system. The French company worked together with Herding to increase safety and ergonomics of the soot management system of its L-PBF machine.

AddUp and KIF Parechoc work together to develop metal 3D printing solutions for the micromechanical industry

KIF Parechoc, a subsidiary of the Acrotec group and expert in precision components for the watchmaking industry, has signed a partnership agreement with AddUp. The two companies will combine their expertise to offer innovative solutions in the field of micromechanics using metal additive manufacturing.

The first project resulting from this collaboration is a watch clasp. This watch clasp is made of low carbon 316L stainless steel. A material commonly used in the field of watch creation, which is known for its good mechanical properties as well as its high resistance to corrosion, two essential elements in the making of a watch.