AddUp and the German powder conveying systems specialist AZO have signed a partnership agreement to offer innovative solutions for handling and recycling powders used in metal additive manufacturing.

The two specialists have developed and marketed a fully automated powder management module, meeting the specific needs of metal 3D printing. The objectives are to simplify the powder loading operations of the machines, to avoid any risk of supply disruption, but also to guarantee maximum protection for the operators, even when working with fine and reactive powders.

The Autonomous Powder Module, key element of FormUp 350’s powder management.

The AZO Group is one of the world’s most experienced companies when it comes to automated handling of raw materials. Our workforce of over 1,000 employees are passionate about their work and draw on their extensive knowledge – based on more than 70 years of experience in plant engineering for the automation of a wide range of raw materials – in order to develop efficient and future-proof designs for you. With our curiosity and openness to visionary technology, coupled with a holistic and systemic understanding of digitalisation, we deliver solutions with long-term prospects for your value creation processes.

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