Zeda, Inc., a global leader in advanced 3D manufacturing and nanotech solutions, has acquired its first AddUp FormUp 350 Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) machine as part of its expansion in Cincinnati, OH.

CINCINNATI, OH & FREMONT, CA – March 15, 2023 – Zeda, Inc. (previously PrinterPrezz / Vertex Manufacturing), a global leader in advanced 3D manufacturing and nanotech solutions for the medical, space, aerospace, and defense industries announces the addition of its first AddUp FormUp 350 Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) machine. This machine is the first placement of eight (8) FormUp 350 systems to support the growth of Zeda’s newly expanded manufacturing facility located in Cincinnati, OH.

This first FormUp 350 was deployed in March 2023 to print metal parts using Inconel 718 and will be qualified to support critical aerospace and defense part manufacturing. With fully certified ISO AS9100 facilities, Zeda is providing new levels of insight, understanding, and application of 3D printing technologies. Zeda has identified unique capabilities made possible with AddUp’s FormUp 350 which aid in broadening the application of 3D printing technology and how it can be utilized across multiple industries including those in regulated spaces such as aerospace and defense industries.

“We are pleased to be adding AddUp’s tools to our portfolio of advanced manufacturing technologies,” said Zeda CTO, Greg Morris. “AddUp has demonstrated a set of capabilities that enable us to address unique design and application challenges faced by our growing base of aerospace, space, and defense customers.”

Greg Morris, CTO of Zeda and Rush LaSelle, CEO of AddUp welcome the placement of the first FormUp350 system at Zeda’s new 75,000 square foot facility in Cincinnati, OH.

Zeda leverages unique process knowledge from the semiconductor industry and pioneering experience in producing 3D-printed parts for aerospace in delivering cost-effective and high-quality additive manufacturing for critical applications across numerous industries.

“The success that Greg Morris achieved in pioneering the use of additive manufacturing in regulated industries combined with the novel approaches being introduced by the extended Zeda team represent a critical service for our customers,” said AddUp, Inc. CEO, Rush LaSelle. “We couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to collaborate with such a veteran team in delivering high-value metal components to the industry using our factory-proven solutions.”

Zeda is expanding to build out 75,000 square feet of advanced manufacturing space in Cincinnati, Ohio to answer the growth in demand for metal 3D printing in the medical, aerospace, defense, space and energy sectors.  Ohio represents a high-growth manufacturing environment for additive manufacturing with the Biden Administration announcing the AM Forward program in Cincinnati in 2022. The advanced manufacturing facility enables the expansion of production capacity with 30 additional printers in the near-term and factory space to implement over 100 tools as the business grows in the mid-term.

About Zeda, Inc.

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