Cébazat, France – January 15, 2023: Julien Marcilly who has been with AddUp since 2019 as Deputy Chief Executive Officer stepped into the role of Chief Executive Officer in late 2023, succeeding Frank Moreau. Marcilly has a strong history in the industrial manufacturing industry with almost 15 years of experience in leadership roles with the Fives Group prior to joining AddUp.

As the CEO of Fives Conveying, Marcilly was committed to helping the world’s largest automakers enhance machine productivity with smart automation solutions. Prior to Fives Conveying, Marcilly was successful as the Operations Director of Fives Stein supporting large projects and optimizing production lines for steel and glass manufacturers across Europe, Asia, North and South America. Marcilly’s experience conquering international manufacturing challenges such as supply chain disruptions, technology adoption, automation and sustainability is expected to benefit AddUp as it continues to grow and expand into new markets and countries.

With a background in traditional manufacturing methods, Marcilly is passionate about metal 3D printing and is convinced it will be a game changer for many large industrial companies. He is committed to showing that AddUp has the expertise to support these industrial companies fully and strongly in their 3D printing journey.

“AddUp is a bona fide additive manufacturing OEM built upon the pedigree of our parent companies, industry pioneers, Michelin and Fives,” says Marcilly. “We understand the world of manufacturing because we were born from it. We understand industrial challenges because we have lived them. This is why we are industrializing additive manufacturing. We know how to use it, qualify it, and scale it, making it a reliable and repeatable solution for our customers.”

Marcilly at The AddUp Solution Center, AddUp’s North American subsidiary located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Marcilly is honored to step into his new role as CEO for the global metal additive manufacturing OEM and says that anticipating the future of 3D printing will be a top focus, with priorities on productivity and repeatability, sustainability, software monitoring and data management all while providing exceptional customer support so that they may realize the full potential metal additive manufacturing has to offer.

“AddUp not only has best-in-class PBF and DED machines, but also a best-in-class service team to fully support our customers throughout their additive manufacturing journey from design to production and qualification,” explains Marcilly. “I am excited to see the future of additive manufacturing and proud to be at the forefront with AddUp, industrializing the technology to solve manufacturers toughest challenges. I look forward to leading such an innovative company and to driving the growth of our industry.”