The partnership between Acrotec and AddUp will enable the development of metal additive and industrial solutions dedicated to the medical sector, which is constantly evolving and looking for more innovative tools.

Acrotec, one of the largest European players in medical contract manufacturing and AddUp, global metal additive manufacturing OEM, are combining their expertise in a partnership to provide an industrial solution for Medtech industry.

The use of additive manufacturing in the healthcare industry is increasing thanks to a reduction in cost when compared to traditional manufacturing and an improved design with options for personalization. Additive manufacturing allows for the creation and production of parts with complex and organic geometries which would be impossible or very costly to produce using traditional CNC manufacturing technology. Production of these types of geometries using additive manufacturing is also much more flexible and faster which provides an increase in productivity for medical device manufacturers. Additive manufacturing technology also offers the opportunity to create personalized devices for patients to help transform healthcare as we know it today.

“Players in the medical field have understood all the benefits of metal 3D printing and many implants or instruments are already manufactured using this technology,” says Julien Marcilly, Deputy CEO at AddUp. “As a supplier of metal 3D printers and parts, AddUp chose to partner with an experienced and recognized innovative partner, Acrotec. With Acrotec’s knowledge of the Medtech industry and expertise in precision machining and AddUp’s mastery of the metal 3D printing process, our partnership will offer the best solutions for customers in this demanding market.”

The Acrotec Group, through its Medtech division, is focused in the spine, traumatology and dental sectors. Acrotec Medtech produces implants and instruments to be used for surgical procedures. Over the years, the group has mastered the skills necessary to manufacture precision components and sub-assemblies for medical devices, specifically in the machining and finishing of metal parts. This experience has made Acrotec Medtech a trusted industrial partner for the production of spinal and dental implants as well as many instruments used in surgical procedures.

“With AddUp as a partner, we are trying to push metal 3D printing technology to its limits in terms of part sizes and associated material health. The quality of AddUp’s printing systems as well as the expertise and motivation of the teams have allowed us to move forward in an open and efficient way in this initiative,” says François Billig, CEO of the Acrotec Group. “We are confident that through our partnership, Acrotec can now develop and utilize this technology with its  customers in the Medtech sector.”

AddUp has been working in close collaboration with customers in the Medtech industry to develop and manufacture a wide variety of implants (cranial implants, knee prostheses, hip prostheses, shoulder prostheses, etc.) and instruments for surgeons and health professionals.

These high-precision tools meet strict manufacturing standards that AddUp’s customers, which have been active in the medical field for several years, have
mastered perfectly. In addition, among the many materials available on its FormUp 350® machines, AddUp offers recipes for shaping ELI (Extra Low Interstitial) titanium. This grade of titanium is most commonly used by most manufacturers of surgical implants and prostheses. In addition to its biocompatibility, ELI titanium is non-magnetic and has very high mechanical characteristics.

The partnership between Acrotec and AddUp will enable the development of additive and industrial solutions dedicated to the medical sector, which is constantly evolving and looking for more innovative tools.

About the Acrotec Group

Acrotec is an independent group created by micromechanics professionals. Its main objective is to be a reference subcontractor, offering a wide range of manufacturing processes for precision components. Its strategy is to provide “Swiss-made” quality products to the entire watch and jewelry industry, the medical industry, as well as to the automotive, electronics and aeronautical sectors. Acrotec is distinguished by its extensive expertise, cooperatively, in its
precision machining (CNC turning, CNC multi-spindle turning, cam turning, 3 & 5-axis milling, micro-turning, transfer and machining of precious metals), by supporting processes (surface treatment, cutting, assembly, heat treatment, finishing and laser engraving) and by specific processes (UV-Liga component production, wire erosion/sinking, synthetic stone machining, rolling, spring forming, machine and tool production and silicon engraving – DRIE). The Group currently employs over 2,300 people.

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