Accelerating Your Entry Into Additive Manufacturing

Accelerating Your Entry Into Additive Manufacturing

Your Partner to Scale AM

We walk your Additive Manufacturing  journey with you from start to finish. Partnering with AddUp will accelerate your entry into additive. Our expertise, support, and resources will help shorten your pathway to serial production using AM.

With AddUp, our expert engineers focus on our customer needs by helping them find better ways to manufacture parts. We hold multiple certifications around the globe and can help speed up the process of qualifying your part applications with our experience and facilities focused on quality, efficiency, and customer-centricity. Our team is here to help in any way possible so you can get your product to market quickly.  

AddUp’s Industrial Heritage

AddUp was born out of a need for a Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) machine to provide a repeatable reliable industrial system for serial production with the performance benefits of superior surface finish and feature resolution. Michelin embarked on a journey similar to that of our customers, first discovering the benefits and exploiting the capabilities of additive technology through more complex and innovative designs of the sipe in a tire mold. Through their iteration and development of this application they were able to achieve superior performance throughout the life a of tire.

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