AddUp at Formnext 2022

AddUp at Formnext 2022

Meet AddUp AM Experts at Formnext 2022!

November 15-18, 2022 | Frankfurt am Main, Germany

AddUp has some exciting things planned for Formnext in Frankfurt am Main!
Check out a preview of what we have in store for you
at Hall #12.0 | BOOTH #E01
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  • Experience end-to-end additive manufacturing solutions
  • Talk to our AM experts in the aerospace, medical and tooling industries
  • See the metal 3d printed parts in person
  • Learn the benefits of the AddUp Software


PBF technology - Metal Additive Manufacturing

PBF technology

3D printed parts



with Mathieu Roche, Marketing & Technology Manager at AddUp

Subject: Machine Connectivity And Machine Integration

with Mathieu Roche, Marketing & Technology Manager at AddUp

November 15, 2022, AM4U stage

 10:40 am – 11:16 am


Mathieu Roche, Marketing & Technology Manager at AddUp

Learn how OPC-UA helped improve control of Additive Manufacturing productions and created the foundation for AddUp’s Quality Assurance solution.

Since June 2020, AddUp’s PBF & DED have been compatible with many major industrial protocols, including OPC-UA. With many sensors on AddUp machines, OPC-UA has helped improve real-time decisions during production while offering structured and secured data exchanges. Thanks to monitoring solutions such as AddUp Dashboards, which rely on different protocols, including OPC-UA, AddUp, and its customers can access Quality Assurance-oriented monitoring solutions.

Mathieu Roche is the Marketing & Technology Manager for AddUp Company. After more than 15 years in technological manufacturing and a successful mission as a Software Product Manager, he is now responsible for AddUp marketing and roadmaps vision.

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