DED Software

DED Software

Full integration with Siemens tools

AddUp’s DED machines are fully integrated with Sinumerik One, the latest generation of software tools from Siemens, to deliver a high level of productivity and safety.

A complete software chain with Sinumerik

DED machines in the Modulo range are equipped with Siemens Sinumerik solution. This technology combines state-of-the-art control systems with a complete software chain.

Sinumerik One offers a unique development environment covering all the development stages of a part: part design, trajectory programming, manufacturing simulation and optimization.

It even offers real-time production monitoring using a digital twin of the machine.

DED machine come with digital twin: a close replica of the machine

AddUp’s DED machines come with digital twins integrated into Siemens Sinumerik software suite. These digital twins include the machine as well as all its peripherals: lasers, powder dispensers, sensors, etc.

The digital twin is a close replica of the physical machine. It is used during simulation phases to check that trajectories do not generate collisions, during optimization phases to reduce production times, and during production in order to remotely track the construction of the part. It also facilitates training in machine operation.

Simple programming in G-code for DED machines

AddUp’s DED machines feature a 5-axis architecture that can be programmed in G-code. This language, already commonly used in the machine tool industry, allows operators to easily control the machine with limited training.

3D printing software helps to increase safety through manufacturing simulation

The 3D printing software suite provided with AddUp’s DED machines allows you to simulate the manufacture of a part before launching it on the machine.

This simulation function has many advantages: precise calculation of production time, optimization of trajectories to reduce non-productive time, and anticipation of any possible collisions between the deposition nozzle, the part and the various devices located within the machine enclosure.

A close partnership with Siemens

In recent years, Siemens and AddUp, through its subsidiary BeAM, have steadily forged closer partnerships.

After the deployment of the latest generation of Siemens controllers in AddUp’s DED machines, and the availability of the machine models in the NX Virtual Machine software, both companies intend to continue the joint developments, in particular with regard to the possibility of data transfer to MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems).