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Total digital continuity

Manufacturing preparation, simulation, in-process control, traceability… AddUp offers a complete suite of software to reap the full potential of FormUp machines.

AM Software continuity

AddUp Manager™

With AddUp Manager manufacturing preparation software, take control of all machine parameters. Whether you are looking for maximum productivity, metallurgical or geometric quality, or whether you want to develop a recipe for a new material, AddUp Manager gives you complete freedom in your machine adjustment choices.

  • More than 250 variables and parameters that can be modified
  • Creation of custom melting strategies
  • Ultra fast trajectory generation engine
  • Ergonomic and intuitive interface, visualization of laser trajectories
  • Compatibility with most CAD software: Catia, NX, Pro/E, Inventor, Solidworks, etc.
  • Creation of plans of experiments
  • Automatic marking of parts and platforms

AddUp Dashboards

AddUp Dashboards is the monitoring software that comes as an option with AddUp machines. It collects all production data in real time and presents it as dashboards tailored to the needs of different users.

Fully configurable, capable of emitting different alarms, AddUp Dashboards will help you improve the efficiency of your manufacturing, conduct analysis in case of defects on a part, and monitor a workshop composed of several machines.

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Distortion Simulation AddOn

Parameter optimization is a fundamental step in the additive manufacturing process. Improve efficiency and responsiveness with Distortion Simulation AddOn, a software that simulates production-induced distortions. Distortion Simulation AddOn is aimed at a wide range of users and allows you to focus on harnessing the potential of FormUp machines

Distortion Simulation AddOn helps you anticipate all distortions at different stages of production: during printing, during platform release, and during platform cutting. Finally, this module is able to modify the geometry of your parts to help you produce good parts right from the first time.

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