AddUp FlexCare System for Additive Manufacturing

AddUp FlexCare SystemTM

Compact, safe and ready-to-use protection systems for your machines


AddUp FlexCare System is a modular, ready-to-use solution for rapidly deploying additive manufacturing machines in existing workshops, ensuring the highest level of safety.

Quick installation in an existing workshop

With AddUp’s FlexCare additive manufacturing solutions, you can quickly deploy one or more metal additive manufacturing units in your workshop. Using the principle of autonomous production cells, you create a confined area anywhere you want, avoiding heavy modifications to your building.

AddUp FlexCare System solutions are plug and play. All you need to do is connect energy, gas, water and sewage, and the cell is ready to produce.

Each cell is designed to accommodate a FormUp 350 machine and all its peripherals: vacuuming module, sieving module, powder container transfer trolley, powder container storage area.

Maximum safety for your operators

With AddUp FlexCare System, your workshop becomes a true confined area suitable for the use of metal powders, even highly reactive. The cells are equipped with a vacuum system to prevent any leakage of powder to the outside, and the quality of the ambient air is constantly monitored (filtration system, oxygen regulation and humidity regulation).

Above all, everything is done to limit exposure to hazardous metal powders, thanks to several airlocks: one airlock allowing operators to put their Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and another technical airlock for the entry and exit of parts, containers and production platforms.


External dimensions 12,192 x 2,438 x 2,896 m
Air Quality Control Systems High Efficiency Filter with soilage measurement
Oxygen measurement with warning system (adjustable threshold)
Temperature and humidity control
Equipment available in the operator airlock Double washbasin with waste water storage
PPE Recovery Bin
Eye Rinse
Fire protection 1 CO2 extinguisher
1 Class D powder extinguisher
Power supply According to NFC 15-100 standard with protection panel(s), 400 V power supply with ground

Technical data for one standard AddUp FlexCare System.

Multiple configurations available

The AddUp FlexCare System solutions are modular by design, because they are based on sea containers that can be placed side by side according to the number of machines you need. Up to three modules can be combined to integrate up to 5 production machines.

In addition, the Dual additive technologies version of the AddUp FlexCare System allows you to group a PBF machine and a DED machine into a single production cell.

Our experts are at your disposal to study the most suitable configuration for your needs. Feel free to contact them.


Download the AddUp FlexCare System brochure to discover all the characteristics of our modular production cell solutions.