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With ten locations across three continents and a wide range of activities, our group is constantly looking for talents to enrich its teams. So, feel free to browse our job offers, you might find the right one for you!


Passionate collaborators

At AddUp, we believe that metal additive manufacturing is a technology of the future. Today, it already enables advances in several industrial sectors. Tomorrow, it will be an essential technology to address the major transformation challenges faced by all manufacturers. All our employees cultivate this passion for innovation that is at the heart of the AddUp adventure.

Professionals listening to customers

Professionalism, efficiency, transparency and humility are key values shared by all employees of the group, regardless of their profession. Our customers are industrialists, with a high level of requirements, and we strive to ensure their satisfaction.


A team spirit

AddUp is also a group in which our employees can flourish, personally and professionally. Developing team spirit is an essential component of our management style, given the many challenges that remain to be met in order to make metal 3D printing a mature technology, adopted by manufacturers in all sectors.

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