The alloy chemical composition complies with AISI 420, UNS S42000, and X20Cr13 standards.

General Material and Process Specification

Ti6Al4V or Ti 6-4 is a titanium alloy with aluminum and vanadium as major alloying elements. Ti 6-4 grade 23 is ELI (extra low interstitials) grade which offers an excellent balance between mechanical strength, toughness, and ductility. This titanium alloy is widely used in medical and aerospace applications because of its excellent biocompatibility, high strength, and low density.

This data sheet specifies the expected mechanical properties and characteristics of this alloy when manufactured on a FormUp® 350 system. All data is based on parts built with AddUp standard 60 μm layer thickness parameters, using standard spherical 20-53 μm Ti 6Al4V ELI (grade 23) powder.