Additive Manufacturing Process

Addup Modulo 400 [Brochure]

The Modulo 400 is suitable for small to medium metal part production and repair without the need for support structures. Add additional features to preexisting structures to optimize cost, quality,...

Additive Manufacturing Machine

AddUp FormUp® 350 [Brochure]

Modular and scalable, the FormUp 350 offers a high level of productivity and allows the manufacture of high-quality parts while guaranteeing user safety. The FormUp 350 improves productivity with the...

Additive Manufacturing Solutions

AddUp Additive Manufacturing Solutions – Product Catalog [Brochure]

Quality, productivity, repeatability, and reproducibility are at the heart of our mission, whether for the design of our machines or the production of your parts. Our experts are here to...

AddUp Flexcare™ System [Brochure]

The FlexCare System™ is a compact, safe, ready-to-use protective system for the FormUp® 350 PBF machine. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

PBF Roller vs. Scraper [Infographic]

Powder Spreading Technology Learn about re-coater configurations, layer quality, powder bed density, and the advantage of AddUp’s powder spreading technology. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE