Acrotec, one of the largest European players in medical contract manufacturing and AddUp, global metal additive manufacturing OEM, are combining their expertise in a partnership to provide an industrial solution for Medtech industry.

The use of additive manufacturing in the healthcare industry is increasing thanks to a reduction in cost when compared to traditional manufacturing and an improved design with options for personalization. Additive manufacturing allows for the creation and production of parts with complex and organic geometries which would be impossible or very costly to produce using traditional CNC manufacturing technology. Production of these types of geometries using additive manufacturing is also much more flexible and faster which provides an increase in productivity for medical device manufacturers. Additive manufacturing technology also offers the opportunity to create personalized devices for patients to help transform healthcare as we know it today.

Acrotec is the largest independent watch components supplier for the Swiss premium mechanical watch market, with long established operating companies, some active in the watch market for over 100 years. The companies have long standing relationships with all major actors of this market. The Group manufactures most of the key components of a movement like oscillating weights, escapements, shock absorbers, and spring barrels. All parts manufactured by the Group meet the highest quality standards set out by its customers and are complying with the Swiss Made label requirements. Acrotec is also active in the jewellery market with the production of premium jewels for renowned brands.

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