AddUp Manager 2020 – Faster Than Ever Additive Manufacturing Software

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Faster than ever

Lightning-fast trajectory generation

Time is precious, and waiting hours for trajectory generation is not acceptable anymore. That’s why AddUp, in partnership with INRIA, has developed a new trajectory generation engine that offers increased performance compared to previous versions.


Included in the additive manufacturing software AddUp Manager™ 2020, this new engine provides more flexibility and easier strategy comparison.


Compare the differences in performance by setting AddUp as the Trajectory Generator for your strategy. This can be accessed within the Process tab or directly from the Project tab with the edit Melting strategy button.

Easy fixing

Mesh healing function now included

The software AddUp Manager 2020 now includes a complete Mesh Healing function with advanced options, all in an easy-to-use interface. In the Object window, parts displayed in yellow color means they were analyzed and identified as having mesh issues. You will be able to address this with two different levels: Basic or Advanced.

Basic Mode
This section offers statistics for the selected part, including the number of triangles and indicators about issues that were found.
Simply click on the icon nearby to solve the problem.
AddUp has developed a set of predefined operations that will automatically fix most common mesh issues, like self-intersection correction, noise surface, and volume removal, or border edges.

Advanced Mode
For precise control over fixing operations, AddUp Manager 2020 offers a set of 8 manual tools which can be combined as needed. Define your own threshold for snapping edges, invert wrongly oriented triangles, cut and join or remove self-intersection.
Green or red lights from the Basic window will be updated as you go and confirm operations were done successfully.

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Work with confidence

Auto-save function…

We do our best to offer our customers the most reliable software. However, many unforeseen issues can occur, such as application or OS crashes and hardware issues. AddUp Manager 2020 now includes an automatic saving function which will back-up your work every 5 minutes. From the Settings panel, set your own temporary folder to store these auto-saves, or simply turn off the option.
This process runs in the background and has no impact on your work.

Please note projects will be backed-up without trajectories, as this process can be quickly run at any time.

…linked to Welcome Assistant

Every time AddUp Manager 2020 is opened, it will check for the presence of auto-saved projects and display them in your Welcome Assistant. These will be displayed as long as you don’t open or remove them from the interface.


And much more!

There are many additional new features offered to AddUp Manager 2020 users. So here are a few more:

  • Label as you want: You will be able to identify parts with any font available in your system.
  • Welcome Assistant: Remove projects from the Recently Opened list, start working using preset standard models, or simply turn off the Welcome Assistant in the Settings panel.
  • Lock function: Prevent unwanted part translation, rotation, or any modification by clicking on the lock icon icon in the Object window (saved with the project).
  • Import: Parts can be automatically centered and stuck to the reference Z plane on import. Simply activate this from the Settings panel.
  • Marking: Use incremental marking function from within the Experimentation feature.
  • Simulation: Add description to your simulation jobs to easily identify them.
  • Build time calculation: Now offering more details about melting time split with Laser ON, Laser OFF, and Idle time. Furthermore, you can decide to export this information in a CSV file and group by part and laser head.

Create custom marking with any font available.

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